May. 8, 2022


''Take Flight ' thing, I can honestly say that all 750 employees that was under this roof, could all say.... we could all say, we had too learn too be Family, through Diversity and understanding our differences as individuals working for the same Parent Company..... This building was over 95 years old... Remolded, upgraded over the years... But one thing never ever changed..... Them big ass flying roaches.... anybody an everybody experience these damn theatrics of these fast ass
the size of baby birds.... rather you seen one in your work station your office your cubicle or on the surface of something nearby... these MFs didn't flee from you, had no fear of you, they were Millions strong, we had too, adapt too them... simply because of the environment.... drains, ditches, deep Culver's, air conditioning gaps an overhead plumbing they were never contained, only tolerated an respected by humans..... of the Facility, they controlled Us....'Invasion''........I've told this story so, many times, and so many ways, I'm even fascinated myself, how much, I can keep this Story alive after, the Plant has been close, and reduced too rumble, over a decade,....''Let it Go''......nope, These not just stories, they are Testimonies of a Journey, where you should have been there too see, for yourself, of the most, visual things that struck me, my first night at work, when I started on 2nd shift, I was in the break room, on my first break on my first night, with this company, and I'm thinking, too myself while eating a pack of nabs and a Pepsi, ''this alright, I like this'', seen a few people, I know, I'm excited too get my first check, up, too go back out on the floor, put my trash in the can at the door, and this , I mean this Big Ass, roach jumped out at, me, ...first I jumped back, and then I got mad, because, I, hit, my arm on the frame of the door, hit my funny bone in my elbow, this bastard got too die, but he was big and quick, disappeared in a crack in the wall, ..I remembered, his face.....naw, but seriously, it was huge and wide, like it was mixed with Tarantulas , little did, I know that was my welcome too My Plant, not yours.....because after that night, wasn't long before, I opened my looker, and one jumped out an flew like a damn, bird....oh, hell naw, ...these bastards became more an more visible, the Company, was trying all kinds of control of these nuisance over the years, ....and little did they know these critters were feeding off, our product of Chemicals, these roach/spider/birds...owned this facility, we were invading their territory, and they made that, known for over 34.9 years, I was there, ...if you think,. I'm lying ask, some folks in the front offices....they were on constant alert, opening file cabinets, bathroom floors and ceiling, even the areas, that had been remolded were infested soon, after things get all painted and carpet laid, they will, make themselves known, ...this isn't meant to be funny, however, anytime a Woman, has too expect a bug at anytime, it plays on her nerves, her entire shift, and she take that same fear, home, too her lil, seriously, it was bad, the outside, critters, were contained except of the huge rats that didn't quite make it, because them huge roaches contained them too, rat's didn't hang around long, I'm telling you these roaches aint no joke, what rat you know, like being surrounded, by roaches that fly, aint a rat this side of the Mississippi brave enough not even them, New York, rat's, aint fooling with, them Stratford Crips, and Bloods, ....Gangsta Bugs..