May. 8, 2022

''The Strip''........Liberty Street

''Slave Driver's''........1972.....Saturday, evening....headed too ''Vots'' momma house, North Hills, our weekly meeting place in the basement, ''members only'' The Slave Drivers Auto Club, we arrive one by one, yep, .....folks out on their porches, waiting, kids in yards, and lined on the sidewalk, too get a glimpse of the Hottest Rod's anywhere, it was huge and we were known for snaking our way through the city, sounding like Northern Railway engines, firing up too pull a mile long, cargo of boxcars, we had so many modified, cars, even the ones that only had a Set of Headers, like me, blended in, with the sound of Crane Cams, Isky Cams, these masterpieces, sound like WSSU, Band from back in the days, when you knew, those, ''Might Rams'' was rounding the corner, by the sound of them, ''Capers'' on them drums, these, Hot Rods, made that same Epic melodies, every Rod had it's own style and signature shine, polished Cragars wheels, Butterflies, Mags, Slotted, and Chrome Reverse, rolling on BF Goodrich, and Formula Ones, many had the raised white lettered Tires, many went with the Black side, many had all the gauges you could possibly install in the dash, very custom installed, no wires showing was the sign of a Professional look, many had the tricked out, paint jobs, the owners, were well known for their taste in Street rods, and racing at Farmington and Piedmont Dragway, .....those, popular names, like, Paul Dunlap, Don Rousseau, Slack Rousseau, Robert Rousseau, Russell Miles, Rayvon Rousseau, Nat Rousseau, Macaroni, Wolfe, Crump, Bobby Ray, Leroy, Rodney, Bird, Calvin, Charles, Steve, Roger, just too name a few, you have some idea, by now, I know what I'm talking about, so, let's move on, can literally hear, some cars as far as Indiana Ave, coming down through North Hills, Don, had a 69'' primed out grey, Camaro, with a, 613 rear end, every gear shift sounds like 1st gear, it was just that torqued and geared, and sometimes, he would run with naked exhaust, straight headers, no muffler , no tail pipes, sounded like a rocket fueled jet, it was loud, no stretching of the truth it was unreal, the ground would actually tremble and vibrate,under your feet, you had too cover your ears, probably why, my hearing is damaged, ....however, , it was truly fun too watch these shade tree mechanics showcase their talents and I was part of it , the most classics of the club, stood out among the other's, let's just keep it real, right here and right now, ....the Hall Of Fame, Street and Strip Rods, take front row seating too my list.....I'll describe these cars, too the detail, because I recognized their Talents in many areas of Building a Street Rod, that you drive everyday, these Dudes, were second too none, in a lot of ways, and they were technically sound as well, they didn't take vehicles too repair shops and specialist, they were their own, Automotive Repair, and they fixed each others car, ....yes, indeed, ....Don, Dunlap, Macaroni, Wolfe, Slack, Robert, could build from under the hood, and install transmissions, on anything with wheels, Rayon was the most creative in fascinations inside of any car, his, talent was always fascinating, gauges, sound systems, his, 65'' Goat, Trick Black, looked Dark Blue, in the Sun, Hush Thrust, and sometimes he would run his Blue Hornet pipes, Straight Frame, raised front end, straight line 4 speed, shifter ,laddered traction bars , Polished Cragar Wheels, inside, plush leather bucket seats, all the gauges and toggle switches, mounted, fire Extinguisher, no back seat, only a set of Bose speakers, with, motioned dance fool lighting, foam rolled steering wheel, even had toggle switches overhead, this Rod, was out of sight,.,his other, brother, Nat, had that 65' Malibu , Dark Money Green ,straight A,... raised front end, sounding so, sweet with silent Hush Thrust pipes, Polished Cragar Wheels , you could barely see, Nat, head when he drove by, another member and ''Vot,'' Charles Bethea Club Vice President ''Rest In Peace''.. had that classic 57' Chevy Dark Chocolate Brown, it was sweet, Polished Cragar Wheels, Steve, had the 56' Chevy, Sea Green, The Monster, Lilly White Interior, Rodney, had the 56' Pearl White, Polished Chrome, Cragar's and his Momma name was, Pearl, such a Sweet Lady, this car, was a masterpiece for sure, a lot of time was put in the development of these Rods, ....I cannot end this reflection without mentioning, Bobby Ray's Truck, OMG, Sparkling Royal Blue, Plush Leather, ..... I'm guessing, right now, however the image is there, 67' pickup, Chevy, chrome chain steering wheel, Polished Chrome Cragars, I'm thinking the truck bed, was polished wood, .at the end of our meeting, we would line-up for our convoy through the neighborhoods, of Blum Park, Winston Lake, Columbia Terrace, Happy Hill Gardens., Carver Road, and by 10pm,until 3am, we gone light up, The Strip, where we drove from one end of Liberty Street too the other, .I enjoyed sharing this Memory, because I lived it...........These are My Hall Of Fame........Classics Too Remember.